Sunday, April 10, 2011

Retractable Tape Cord – Effective Way to Organize Electrical Cords

Traditional extension cords cause much trouble – the only way to avoid the mess is to mount these on the wall or floor. Designer Cheng Ho-Tzu offers a great solution – the Retractable Tape Cord with which you will be able to organize electrical cords much more effectively.
The Retractable Tape cord can lay flat on the ground. What is more, it is anti-tangle. You can pull out the desired length and lock it and it will not retract. It is very simply to pull back, the only thing you have to do Is to press the button on the case. The Retractable Tape Cord is innovative not only due to its shape, also it works in a same way as the retractable tape measure. The device is made of a silicone polymer that cause the cord to lay flat. Due to the hidden plug feature the device can be easily carried in a bag. 

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