Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ONE Watch – Many Watches In One

How many watches do you need to look always stylish? A sports watch to emphasize your being active, a classic watch to match a business suit, a glamorous watch for parties when you want to be in the center of attention….and so on. You need many watches or you need only one watch, if this is oNe watch designed by American designer of Russian origin Igor Chak. This watch offers you multiple interfaces, so with this timepiece you will never go out of style.
This digital watch is equipped with an OLED display where any picture can be displayed. The user can change the time display mode very easily, with just one click of the button. This watch gives you a great chance to display your mood and to emphasize your personality. Get bored and want some more time displays? There is nothing easier – download a new “face” from the product’s site and upload it via micro USB port. The port is hidden on the side of the timepiece.
What to the watch itself, its design allows you to interchange different parts with a great range of materials and colors. 

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